Why us?

Our manufacturing facility has been in business for over thirty years. During this period, we have established a customer base of well over 30,000 clients. Our products are distributed solely by factory representatives and distributors. We are an American owned and operated  manufacturing and distribution center, licensed to do business in the United States of America and abroad. 

American Coastal Distribution, Inc. was established in February, 1992, for the purpose of developing the Western region of the United States. Since then, every year our company records exponential growth throughout the United States. 

We are here to service you! If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office at your earliest convenience. Our toll free number is 1.800.978.8898 and normal office hours are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time. 

Additionally, all products are FULLY guaranteed with our customer satisfaction coming first! 

Richard Hostetler, President 


Products Listing

Welding Agents

F.W.Steel(R) Epoxy Putty

F.W.Fiber Glass(R) Epoxy Putty

F.W.Aluminum(R) Epoxy Putty

F.W.Plastic(R)Epoxy Putty

Hot Metal Mend(R)

Quiksteel Epoxy Paste

Quicksteel White Epoxy Paste

Freshening Agents

Hawaiian Scents(R)Organic Air Fresheners

Palm Bay Hanging Air Fresheners

Natural Spritzers

Designer Spritzers

Tin Scents

Absolute Odor Eliminator

K29 Scent Stone

Automotive Enhancement Agents

Metallic Seal-Up

Automatic Transmission Stop Leak

Power Steering Stop Leak

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Motor Honey

Cleaning Solutions

Automotive Goo Gone

Bug Off Windshield Cleaner

Hand Tools

The "Original" Folding Scissors

Execu-Clip Nail Clippers